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What can I say about today’s comic? Erm I like Freija’s clothes here. One of the things I absolutely hate is Fantasy’s insitence that female characters where some variation of the Chainmaille Maille Bikini. It’s a cheap marketing stunt which breaks story immersion. The same goes for Connnan the Barbarian loin cloths by the way, but at least there you can have the excuse that “oh it’s his slave clothes.”  The CB MB is specifically  supposed to be armour, and armour for fighters who supposedly take themselves seriously. Oh wait, she’s wearing gauntlets and boots? Oh well then that’s okay, all the vital parts are covered *head desk.*

So it shouldn’t suprise anyone following that rant that I avoid drawing Chainmaille Bikini type armour whenever I can. Hopefully all armour in The Senkari will be functional and practical. That’s not to say there won’t be any decorative Bling of War in this series. But damn it it will be realistic Bling of War!

Of course some of you might be thinking: Marcus why is this page only one frame you lazy prick? Well, these are the early days of the Senka, and when I was making these pages I had the idea that each post would be 1 a4 page, and I wanted this image to be a whole side. Since I have drawn this image I have embraced the digital nature of The Senkari a lot more and thrown away the concept of 1 post = 1 page. I believe there are one or two other posts that will be single images but I fully intend not to do this anymore.