It occurs to me that I didn’t explain something in an earlier comic: What does ‘Signifer’ mean? Good question jimmy. If you haven’t looked it up by now that is. A Signifier is a rank of standard bearer in the Roman Army. Why does this apply to a girl in a mini skirt and tank top? I guess we’ll just have to find out, though it’s probably safe to say that most readers will by now know that there is more to these two than initially meets the eye.

Hopefully this page will post automatically while I am in the air over the atlantic on my way home after my christmas break in America. If it dosen’t I will at the latest work it out when I get home, but hopefully this will work without any problems. No, me being in back in Europe will not affect Update times at all (they’ve been updating at their alloted European time Zone these past two weeks despite me being in America).