Hopefully you all know about the civil war going on in Libya, where the people of that nation are trying to overthrow the tyranical rule of Muammar Gaddafi-duck (may his spellings be many!). Although thousands have been killed and displaced by the fighting, Gaddafi still claims there is no war, only 100 people have been killed and all it is is a few trouble makers stirred up by the US, or Al-Qaeda, or both as everyone knows those two love to work together.

Seriously Gaddafi these days reminds me of Hitler claiming the 12th army will surround the Russians and anihilate them outside Berlin in 1945.  In other words, he’s lost it.

Now I’d never suggest anyone as awesome as THE BEAN would be pro Gaddafi, or that he would ever consider helping Gaddafi, but Gaddafi’s blaming of everyone and everything but his own oppresive regime for the revolts just put me in mind of Boromir suggesting escorts for he fellowship of the Rings.

Of course everyone knows that Gaddafi frequently uses the phrase: frikkin awesome.