Well who saw that coming now?  I mean seriously isn’t your mind just blown? /Sarcasm mode off.  At this point I can’t help but feel sorry for Natalie, after all I did create her specifically for bad things to happen to her in this chapter.  Sorry Natalie *hug.*

I think a loud scream or shout is probably the best thing to do in that sort of situation (followed preferably by a kick to the groin, or mace in yo face). Generally if there is trouble making noise is a good first step, if you shout or scream before trying to punch someone then even if you’re knocked out someone may have heard you.

On a side not, the park here is heavily inspired by the park in my home town, which I don’t live in anymore…sigh. Mind you most of Kingston is heavily based on my hometown and my University home.

6th of June

In other news: Happy D-Day everyone. This is the day those Yanks “rescued” us Europeans from the Nazis. To illustrate what happened: the Americans came across in lots of boats, landed in Normandy and defeated the Wehrmacht thereby ending the war, and then everyone loved them. I jest of course, (I add before anyone gets upset by this eagleland rant).

But anyway: Happy D-Day everyone! If we hadn’t won we’d all be celebrating how Hitler defeated the evil Yankees and would be spitting Stalins name in disgust (to be fair we should really be doing the latter anyway).

Another thing

This post marks the 100th post! I seriously didn’t plan for #100 to be on D-Day,  it just happened that way. That’s 100 posts (including Sketches, bonus  comics e.t.c.). That said I’m not rocking out a celebratory Kiriban style image for this, but I probably will for the actual 100th story update.