Feeling a bit uninspired today, so I forced myself to draw this. As some other bits and pieces I’ve drawn might hint, Freija’s hobby’s include exploring abandoned places. She’s gotten in trouble in the fringe before, just wandering around and snooping around ruins (admittedly ruins that are younger than her). So… this is I guess an “interpretation” of Freija continuing her hobby in the modern world.

For clarity’s sake I’m going to start dividing my art into Canon categories:
Canon A Category images are things that are 100% canon, they depict specific events that happened in the world, even if that event doesn’t happen in the Comic or in The Senkari: Kaliope.
Canon B category are images that are in keeping with something the character would do. It is a situation that could occur, or might occur, given the characters involved, but isn’t depicting a specific event in the canon.

Canon C is things that are not canon, either because they refer to things that 100% didn’t happen or things that contradict what a character would do.