So about six years ago I started working on a weird little comic, I never thought I would go far with it. Initially it was just 4 weird sketched out pages that had nothing to do with the current Senkari, Freija could shape shift, Rachel could too, I don’t think there was much of an idea of them being a different species, just magical and from another world. Skip forwards to today, and a random attempt to see what making a comic would be like has turned into 370 pages of comic work (plus a heft amount of fillers and doodles). But how little of a plan I had is obvious looking back at these initial pages, now whenever I start a new chapter I make a title page before I start working on the chapter itself, but when I started there was no plan for Chapters, let alone title pages, the idea only came to me about halfway through Chapter III.
As I was re-uploading the comic I realized that because of the Chapter I and II never had their own title pages, and despite the challenges of going back and trying to make my art look, lets face it, bad, so that it wasn’t TOO jarring next to the actual pages, I decided it was time to go back and try to give the Senkari something of an official starting page.