So this was the first title page. Yeah it wasn’t quite up to the standards of the later ones, but I wasn’t nearly as good an artist, and I’d just started working all digital and in colour, actually no, even compared to battle scenes in Origins itself, this page doesn’t hold up. But then again, I like Origins a lot, and in many ways I think it was the story I really wanted to tell when I started the Senkari, I mentioned that when I started working on the Senkari there was no plan, but the idea for what Freija and Rachel where was loosely in place already. They’d been immortal and there I had used a similar concept for some short stories I’d written and thrown out, (in fact Freija was outright lifted from one of them, which in my mind is still canon), so their back story really got only a few changes to be refined into what Origins became. But when I started the Senkari I think I just wasn’t brave enough to attempt to tell the Origins story, I didn’t think I could do good backgrounds or set the scene, and I think the idea of drawing battle scenes terrified me, so it became much more slice of life.

I can’t remember if the idea for who the villains of The Senkari where came to me before Origins and I realized I’d have to tell it for them to make sense, or if the idea for them came to me during Origins, but either way, this in my opinion is where the comic found it’s feet, I got rid of a lot of the sillyness from earlier, characters concepts became more settled, the art started to mature: I started using colour regularly, I started to shed some of my Manga influences, and yes I picked up some bad habits but at least I got rid of those glass cutting cheekbones, and an overarching story became established.
Of course, I probably could have covered the 70 odd pages of origins in a 1 or 2 page exposition dump, but that would have been WAY less fun for me.