Frequently Asked Questions:

What does ‘Senkari’ mean anyway?

At the time of posting this saying what it’s in-story meaning is would probably be spoilerific, so consider that Classified; For My Eyes Only. Out of story though: Senka (or Sjenka) pl. Senke is a Serbo-Croatian word meaning “Shadow” or “Shade.” In the context of the Title it is a Latin noun, Senka of which the Plural form is: Senkari.

If you can work out it’s in-story meaning from that: Contgratualtions, have a cookie.

What time does the comic update?

The comic updates at 0:01 UTC, which is roughly 1 am CET (this changes depending on daylight savings and such things.) However I have been known to forget to upload the comic early enough for that to happen, so don’t be surprised if the comic goes up several hours later.

Why is your non-comic art so different from your comic art?

Well that’s a trick question: The truth is it isn’t. My comic art is pretty similar to my single frame pictures. The trick is that I maintain an unusually large buffer compared to most comic artists….something in the order of 100-50 comics (it varies) which means todays art is actually my art from about a year ago. And art I add elsewhere is actually todays art. Think of it as previews of what the comic will look like in a year.