After agonizing over her silent phone Friday evening, Kali resolved to earn a second chance with Patrick by trying something new. Now, at the nearest Victoria’s Secret, she shyly browsed the collection of black silk and lace undergarments, hoping that the perfect set would jump out at her.

While she shopped, she mentally rehearsed what she would say to him next Monday. Hey Patrick, about last week, I was wondering, do you want to try again? Too timid. Hey Patrick, I have a surprise for you! Meet me after class, big boy. Too aggressive. Hey Patrick, I’m really sorry for turning you down last week, but it would mean the world to me if you’d take my virginity in the back seat of your car this afternoon. Way too pathetic.

Groaning in frustration, Kali returned the bombshell pickup bra to its rack. She had no idea what she was doing. Not with this lingerie that had more wires, clips, and laces than she could count, and certainly not with Patrick. How would she? Up to this point, she had never dressed herself for the sake of another’s pleasure. Her weekends were devoted to homework and TV, not strategizing to seduce. Life had always been one monotonous routine, ever since she was a little girl.

Then there was Patrick. His lips and fingers, withdrawing all too soon, had awakened her to the possibility of untasted excitement. Just one afternoon with him had revealed to her the spice her life definitely needed, but the garments here were simply too much spice for her inexperienced hands. With a sigh of defeat, she left the store empty-handed praying that whatever magic her old clothes had conjured up would work itself again.

Monday, after squeezing herself into her hold jeans, Kali arrived at school early enough to drop a note in Patrick’s chair. Still at a loss over what to say, after countless crumpled notes she’d settled for a simple, “Meet up after class?” It felt incredibly juvenile, but without Patrick’s number to text, it was the best she could do.

As classmates trickled in over the next ten minutes, she kept her eyes locked on her textbook until she heard the sound of footsteps pausing behind her. Unconsciously, she held her breath so she wouldn’t miss the faint sound of him unfolding the note. Sure enough, before he sat, she could hear the sound of a faint rustle. Her heart beat furiously and she felt her palms begin to sweat as she awaited his response. However, to her infinite disappointment, the next sound she heard was that of his chair sliding against the floor and the heavy thunk of Patrick taking his seat. Disappointment washed over her as Kali realized he wasn’t going to respond to her note. As she feared, she had blown it.

The rest of the class hour passed slowly as Kali gradually accepted that Patrick had lost interest in her. However, once the bell rang, she was pleasantly surprised when he dropped the crumpled message on the side of her desk on his way out. Pouncing on the paper like a kitten on string, Kali anxiously unfolded the note for his answer. “Your locker at lunch.”

Hope restored, Kali beamed the rest of the morning. When the time of their appointment arrived, she greeted him beside her locker with an infectious smile.

Hey Patrick, thanks for meeting me. About last week,” she hesitated, suddenly nervous.

No worries,” Patrick flashed her a reassuring smile and relaxed against the lockers. “I knew you would come around.” Lifting his arm around her shoulders, he drew Kali closer. Conscious that they were in public, a shy blush spread across her face, but she was too relieved to overly care.

Thanks. I just didn’t want you to think−”

I told you not to worry about it. Besides, if we’re going to do this, we need to get moving.”

Wait, do what?”

Finish what we started last week,” he winked at her.

Wait, now? Here?!” Kali blanched. While she felt ready to give herself to Patrick, she wasn’t quite sure she wanted to do it this very instant.

Patrick laughed and offered his hand. “Relax, I do this all the time. You scared?”

Nervous and shocked as she was, this was her last chance. Gulping down her fears, she plastered on the bravest smile she could muster. “No way. Let’s do this.”

Expecting Patrick to lead her outside to his car, Kali was surprised when he stopped suddenly in front of their guidance counselor’s office, knocked, and after hearing no response, opened the door.

Mr. Friedman always goes out for lunch, so he shouldn’t be back until 1:15.”

Hesitantly, Kali peeked inside. Asides from the familiar desk, chairs, and filing cabinets, there wasn’t much furniture. Certainly nothing that would be comfortable to lay on. However, trusting Patrick’s experience, she entered the small office and closed the door behind her.

There’s no lock,” she observed. “Can’t anyone just walk in?”

Yeah, exciting, isn’t it?”

Wasting no time, Patrick gripped her hips with his hands and guided her against the desk. Dropping his face to hers, he resumed the intensity of their last kiss. With a quiet moan, Kali relented, opening her mouth in surrender and allowing him to probe her with his tongue. Each thrust of the muscle awakened the primal rhythm within her, causing her core to pulse and ache.

Breaking away to catch his breath, Patrick strew a line of kisses up and down her neck. “God Kali, you’re so good,” he groaned, his voice laced with similar tension. “Kali . . . I’m going to fuck you in the guidance counselor’s office.”

Kali gasped with shock. She felt painfully aroused by the need and urgency in his voice. Her body responded to it, reciprocated it. Furiously he rubbed his hands up and down her waist and torso until ultimately cupping her enormous breasts in his palms.

They don’t even fit in my hands!” he marveled for only a moment before drawing a nipple into his mouth hungrily.

His response, the pressure of his suckling, made her feel beautiful, powerful. And yet, at the same time she was becoming a slave to sensation herself, her hands reaching to grip his butt without her bidding.

Take me,” she heard her lips whisper. Excitement unlike anything she had ever felt surged within her. At last, this was the moment that would redefine her life.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Patrick unzipped her shorts, pushed them to the floor along with her panties, and turned her over the desk so that her back was facing him. Making quick work of his own clothes and sliding on a condom he had evidently tucked away in his pants, he pressed his warm flesh against her own. Feeling the smooth, soft length of his cock against the soft skin of her inner thigh, Kali gasped again. “Patrick!

Lifting one hand from her breasts, traced the length of her thigh until they were so close to her core, the tips of his fingers could feel her heat. Groaning, her wetness making him burn with need, his fingers found the excruciatingly sensitive place, stroked her, and entered her. With a cry of pleasure, Kali collapsed over the desk. Her face and body flushed with heat so intense, she felt on fire with passion. As his fingers worked in and out of her opening, she felt her hips rock, her insides pulsate almost painfully until she shattered with his name on her lips. So this was what all the fuss was about, she thought dizzily. 

Her vision blinded by stars of sensation, she rested her head against the cool wood of the desk to lessen the impact of her fall back to earth. She felt exhausted and drunk with physical pleasure. While she had expected the act to feel good, she wasn’t prepared such astonishing physical euphoria.

However, before Kali fully came down from her climax, she felt him press the tip of his dick against her opening, and then forcefully push inside. Though soaking wet, the stretching feeling of her body adjusting to his length and width made her wince in pain, but only for a moment. With each thrust her body accepted him, drew him deeper inside, and pulsed with pleasure. Lust exploded in her breasts, her belly, and her core as his thrusting awakened in her fresh need.

Patrick pounded her furiously, settling into a rhythm which pushed Kali closer and closer to the brink of climaxing once more. The only sounds that could be heard were those of their shaky breathing, her soft moans, and an occasional voice outside. Though she had feared intruders just minutes before, as she neared her second orgasm she wanted them to enter, to see her explode with ecstasy.

A few more thrusts, and the world shook once more, this time for both of them. As Kali gasped for breath, she felt Patrick’s cock pulse within her, filling the condom with his cum.

Damn, that was pretty good,” he whistled as he withdrew.

Kali agreed. With a sigh of contentment, she relaxed against the desk and enjoyed the foreign but pleasant humming of her satiated body.

For the first time, she felt fully alive. Her senses heightened, she was suddenly more aware of her body, what pleased it, and what it desired. This was exactly what she had wanted. Delighted, she rose her head to thank Patrick when, suddenly, her eyes were blinded by the sudden flash of his phone.

Did you just take a picture of me?!” she blinked, confused.

It’s not like I’m going to show it to anyone,” he shrugged. “Now put these on,” he tossed her pants and panties. “We need to get out of here.”

All at once, her perfect high came crashing down. Turning from him, she hid her face as she clothed herself so as not to let him see her face flushed with shame and anger. She felt as though he had given her a seemingly precious gift, only to show her later what garbage it really was. Before she had even finished dressing, she heard the office door squeak open.

Gotta go, Kali. I’ll see you tomorrow in class.”

And with that, he was gone.


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