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I’ve almost got the hang of this.

Glancing upwards to lift her eye lids, Kali quickly checked the mirror to make sure she could see herself in the periphery. Then, placing the mascara wand against the base of her lashes as Jessica had instructed, she slowly began to wiggle it back and-


Startled by the sudden buzz of her phone, her arm jerked, leaving an unsightly streak of mascara above her eyebrow. “Can you see who it is, Vikki? I need to take care of this.” With only five minutes until Jessica’s driver arrived with the limo, Kali barely had enough time to dry her nails and zip her dress, let alone redo her entire face.

“Good plan. There’s no way I’m letting you go goth for the fall formal.” After attaching her earring, Vikki reached for the offending phone. “It’s Patrick. He’s taken the bait!”

Kali breathed a sigh of relief. “I texted him, like, four hours ago. I was starting to think he wouldn’t respond.”

Vikki shot her a dubious glace. “Why wouldn’t he?”

“It’s not like we’ve spoken for a month,” Kali shrugged, reapplying foundation to her forehead. “After I confronted him about the picture, he stopped contacting me. I thought he had lost interest.”

Suddenly, Kali felt her foundation brush ripped from her fingers and two hands on either side of her face directing her attention to the mirror. “Girl, look at yourself. You’re a fucking ten! The entire school wants a piece of your ass. Patrick hasn’t lost interest. You’ve just been too busy speed dating the entire student body to notice.”

Studying their reflections, Kali’s mouth formed into a brilliant smile. Before this year, Kali had always thought of Vikki and Jessica as the school’s top bombshells. But now, in her makeup and curve-clinging purple ballgown, Kali felt worthy of joining their ranks. Her classmates seemed to agree. Since her transformation, she received and accepted more date offers every day than she had time for in a week. It amazed her how much new clothes and new friends bred confidence.

“Damn straight. If he wants another chance, he’ll have to wait his turn.”

“Oh, no babe. You should just forget fuckboy. After we’ve taught him a lesson tonight, Jess and I will find you a much better hookup. You are willing to go all the way, right?”

Kali hesitated. “I am . . . it’s just . . . what if . . . I’m not good? That first time with Patrick, I just stood there. What if I don’t know what to do and look like an idiot?”

“God Kali, as if.” Vikki said, tending to her mascara. “Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But seriously, you have nothing to worry about. Just act confident. From my experience, men like to be bossed around a little.”

“How so?” Kali asked, wishing she had brought a notebook so she could jot down her friend’s expert advice.

“For starters, tell him what you want and where to touch you. Nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. Or a woman who’s willing to go down on a guy. Do you think you’re ready to swallow?”

“Jee, um, I’ll have to think about that . . .” Kali’s face turned crimson beneath her foundation. Fortunately, their friend’s sudden entrance saved her from further interrogation.

Sprinting into the room like a bolt of blue lightening, Jessica raced to the vanity and hurriedly applied her pink lipstick. “Shit, guys, the limo’s already here. Would someone help me tie my halter?”

“Perf. Kali and I are ready, aren’t we babe?” Vikki grinned, snapping a selfie with her phone to celebrate their accomplishment. “Let’s get this show on the road, Kali. We’ll meet you down at the limo, Jess!”

“Yeah, sure.” Jessica rolled her eyes. “Thanks for waiting, you bitch.”


Stepping into the lit ballroom, Kali had to blink twice before she recognized her school’s gymnasium. Trees draped with white lights and crystal strands had transformed the tired, old room into an enchanted forest. Tables with elegant, white linens reaching the floor and decorated with silver candelabras were placed in each clearing with the dancefloor located further into the brush. Draping her shawl over a chair to claim their table, Kali’s eyes began to search next for Patrick.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Turning, Kali found herself peering into a man’s glittering, green eyes. Even next to the trees around them he was tall with shoulders as broad as three trunks bundled together. Though Kali had no idea whether the seat next to her was taken, Vikki and Jessica had taught her well how to answer this question.

Hm,” Kali hummed, inspecting the chair. “I don’t see a name on it. Let’s change that,” she winked.

“Sounds like a plan.” He shot her a dashing half smile. “I’m Keegan. You’re Kali.”

“Keegan.” She repeated, relishing the way her mouth smiled when she said his name. “The seat’s all yours.”

“And how about yourself? I came here hoping the chair wasn’t the only thing that was free.”

Kali laughed at his forward charm. “It must be your lucky night because-”

Suddenly, a head of familiar blonde hair caught Kali’s eye. Patrick. The sight of him in his monkey suit make her blood boil. Dickhead didn’t know how to treat a lady, but he sure knew how to ruin a good time. Kali’s heart sank realizing she would have to take care of Patrick once and for all before furthering her acquaintance with Keegan.

Because give me just ten minutes, and I’m all yours. I’ll be right back.” Excusing herself from the table, Kali wandered over to Patrick at the edge of the dance floor.

Over here, he waved, his voice lost beneath the fast beat of their DJ’s dance mix. “Hey Kali!” He called once she was within earshot. “You’re looking great!”

Kali tried her best not to cringe as his eyes darted quickly from her face to her dress’s low neckline. Instead, she flashed him a coy smile. “Thanks. It’s been too long! I think we should change that.”

“Oh?” Patrick’s mouth twisted into a predatory grin. “What did you have in mind?”

Moving closer, Kali make sure to press her breasts against Patrick’s chest as she whispered into his ear. “Meet me in the guidance counselor’s office in five minutes. Naked.”

Patrick’s grin widened. “I knew you’d be back. I’ll see you there, Kali.”

Oh no you won’t! Kali laughed to herself. While her conscience berated her for playing such a major role in the deception, she couldn’t help but view herself as an agent of justice. Patrick needed to learn that karma was a bitch. She wasn’t the only woman he’d hurt, after all. And if she had an opportunity to prevent him from preying on future girls, didn’t she owe them the obligation to try?

Spotting her friends, Kali motioned them to follow her to a secluded grove. “He’s on his way!”

“Sweet Kali, that was fast!” Jessica gave her the thumbs up. “Let’s give him a few minutes to strip before we make the announcement.”

“What did I tell you, babe?” Vikki wrapped an arm affectionately around Kali’s shoulder. “I knew he’d jump at the chance to shag. I swear that man’s brain is in his dick. Jess, do you want to start helping me spread the word there’s a beer keg in the guidance counselor’s office? Once we have about twenty people, let’s lead them there.” Dipping back into the crowd, Vikki rapidly jumped from group to group igniting the rumor into a wildfire.

“Twenty people? I’d say she’s already got sixty. As if that girl needs my help,” Jessica rolled her eyes. “But hey, before we go over there, I wanted to ask you something. Did I just see you talking to Keegan?”

Kali gasped, suddenly remembering her promise to her smoking-hot, brunette seat partner. “Yeah, I just met him. Why? Do you know him?”

Jessica doubled over in her distinctive, deep laughter. “Damn Kali! We’ve taught you too well! It hasn’t even been thirty minutes and you already have the hottest man here wrapped around your finger! I know him pretty well from the gym. He’s a nice guy. If you’re interested, I say go for it. Just one word of warning though.”

“What’s that?”

“Judging from the size of that man’s jockstrap, he’s got to be hung like a horse. Make sure you lube up before riding that rodeo bull.”

Kali felt her spine tingle with excitement. “Duly noted.” Instantly, all thoughts of Patrick vanished as her mind turned to the man waiting for her at their table. Perhaps she was overdue for a second hookup. After hearing stories of Jessica and Vikki’s exploits, she realized just how half-assed and underwhelming her first time had been. She deserved better, and Keegan’s package promised to deliver.

“Vikki’s giving us the sign, so it must be time to head out!”

“You go ahead,” Kali encouraged. “I’ll be there in a minute.” She lied.

“Suit yourself!” Joining Vikki at the head of the crowd, Jess wound her way along with their throng of friends to the guidance counselor’s office. Stopping in front of the office door, Vikki and Jessica turned to face the eager crowd.

“Good evening friends,” Vikki beamed. “As promised, my friends and I have arranged a special treat for you. In return, we have just one request.”

“That’s right,” Jessica continued. “Please have your cameras at the ready, because the moment we open this door will be one hell of a Kodak moment you won’t want to miss!” Confused, their classmates retrieved their phones from their purses and pockets.

“Thank you ladies and gents for your attention. Now hit it, Jess!” Throwing the door open in one swift motion, Jessica and her classmate’s eyes landed upon Patrick’s pale buttocks. After a moment of shock on both sides, Patrick felt himself stumble beneath his classmate’s thunderous roars and camera flashes. Dashing to the window, he simultaneously tried to unhinge the latch while covering himself with whatever objects he could find.

“Where are you going, you son of a bitch!?” Vikki hollered over the crowd. “The party’s just getting started! I guess finishing early is just like you though.”

“Patrick, now we all see why you have such an inflated ego.” Jessica joined in. “With a dick that small, you’ve got to compensate with something, am I right?”

Sobbing with laughter Vikki and Jessica allowed themselves to be pushed from the front line as eager classmates piled into the office for more pictures. “Where’s Kali?” Jessica wheezed as she regained breath. “She needs in on this!”

“I thought she was with you?”

“She said she’d be here in a minute.”

“Well then where the fuck is she?!”


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