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Vikki and Jessica are probably wondering where the hell I am.

Eager to distract Keegan from the commotion quickly spilling from the hallway into the gymnasium, Kali suggested the two ditch the dance for privacy. Fortunately, Keegan had the same idea. Five minutes later, they were pulling out of the high school parking lot and on their way to god knew where.

Trust me, you’re going to love this place. During sunset, the sky here turns so red and orange, I swear it’s on fire. No one ever goes there, so it’s like my secret place, you know? Where I go to think.”

And make out with pretty girls, I bet.” Kali teased, poking his bicep. She wondered if he could even feel it beneath his armor-like muscle.

Once or twice,” he shrugged.

Jessica was right. Honest, thoughtful, and romantic, Keegan was as different from Patrick as polyester from cashmere. While one was common and fake, the other was real, refined, and just what Kali wanted all over her. Now that he’d thrown his suitcoat off into the backseat, Kali could fully appreciate the way his broad shoulders and athletic arms strained against the fabric of his shirt. Even the sight of him fully clothed caused her core to ache. Hopefully Keegan’s sightseeing would be brief so he could turn his attention to her. If not, she was going to burst.

We’re here,” Keegan announced, suddenly slowing the car and pulling off the road onto a dirt path.

Are you sure about that?” Kali felt a wave of dubiousness and concern spread over her as her date drove blindly into the brush until reaching the promised clearing.

So, what do you think?”

I can’t,” Kali gasped. “Keegan, this is amazing.” Surrounding them was a secret meadow of lush grasses. Enclosed by thick forests, it served as a private theater to the spectacular kaleidoscope of colors reflecting against the evening sky.

Let’s lay on the roof,” he suggested, offering his arm. “It’s the best way to enjoy the view.” Nodding in agreement, the two shuffled atop the vehicle and lay together in companionable silence until the stars and lightening bugs snuffed out the sun.

Then they talked. He told her that his father was a surgeon. He thought he wanted to be a doctor too eventually, but wasn’t ready for college. Instead, he wanted to join the Peace Corps for a year in Peru. See the world and make a difference. He would head south after graduation, so he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. She understood. And she felt the same. She just wanted to enjoy her senior year. To make up for the past few years where she had forgotten to live. She placed his hand on his to reassure him. To invite him. With that, he relented.

Only if you’re sure. If this is only your second time, I might hurt you.”

I’ll be fine.” The initial pain of Patrick’s entry was nothing compared to the sting of his betrayal. This would be a cakewalk in comparison. But while the possibility of pain did not concern her, her inexperience did. Remember what Vikki told you. Act confident. And go down on the guy. Now that was a good way to start.

Let me prove it to you,” she purred. Rolling onto her knees, she slowly began to unbutton his shirt, leaving a trail of kisses upon his skin. As the white cloth parted way, her breath caught at the sight of his toned chest and abdomen.

It wasn’t enough. She wanted to see all of him.

Pulsing with excitement, she tried to refrain from tearing at his trousers with the eagerness of opening a Christmas present. Glancing at his face for approval, she met with his clouded eyes.

Kali . . .”

She smiled. Though true, she had virtually no experience with this, she knew a yes when she heard one. As she unfastened the black cloth of his pants, he raised his hips slightly to assist her, tugging his trousers to his knees and taking his boxers along for the ride. Now free, his cock, impossibly large, sprung from its cloth confinement. Kali prayed the foundation she’d applied hours ago still concealed massive blush spreading across her face.

Since Patrick had taken her from behind, she had not had the opportunity to study a man’s anatomy in the flesh. Tentatively, she reached for and closed her hand around him. He was perfect. The dark shaft was thick and smooth, ending in a wide tip with a slit already beading with moisture. Instinctively, she stroked her finger over the enticing slit, forcing a deep sound from his chest. Encouraged, she circled her thumb over the tip until he moaned. The power she had over him enthralled her, spurring her to experiment with new techniques and stroke him at various speeds until a stream of precum trickled across her hand.

He was ready. And so was she. After calming her pounding heart with a deep breath, she took him into her mouth. A hungry sound escaped Keegan’s lips as he wrapped his fingers through her hair and pulled her closer to him.

Dragging her tongue from the base of his shaft to his tip, she savored his salty taste. Deciding that she liked it, she swirled her tongue around the button-like top to sample his precum. Keegan then made some incoherent sound and spread his legs wider, giving her better access to swallow him whole. Then, dipping her hands below the shaft, she gently brushed her fingers against the flesh of his firm balls causing him to jolt with pleasure. Mouth still full of him, she smiled at her newfound powers. Continuing to relish his taste, she sucked and licked until he could no longer sit still.

Kali, I’m-”

When he began to shudder, she did not move an inch. With a labored cry, he began to pulse, filling her mouth with warm cream. She moaned as a pleasant bitterness with a tinge of fire coated her tongue. Then, lifting her head to withdraw, she swallowed his essence, sliding her tongue about her lips so as not to miss a single drop.

Gripping her arms, Keegan wordlessly dragged her up to his mouth and kissed her hard while stroking his member to ready it for round two. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he frenched her senseless to the point she barely noticed him hiking up her dress around her waist. Tearing himself away from her lips to shed his remaining clothes and rip her panties from her legs, Kali heaved a sigh of relief as the cool night air soothed her moist, excited clit. Next, after fumbling clumsily with her shoulder strap, he pulled the neck of her dress down to free her breasts. The cool air teased them as well, causing her nipples to contract into painfully sensitive peaks. Mesmerized by her soft spheres, he rolled his hips, pressing his shaft against her opening with the perfect pressure. His gaze moved over her body, enthralled. “You are so beautiful . . . I need to fuck you. Now.”

Yes, this was it . . .

She was certain the bud between her legs ached far more than any pain his penetration could produce. Widening her legs, she opened herself to him.

Yes, Keegan. Please . . .”

She gasped the second the tip of his shaft slipped inside her. Simultaneously he emitted a low growl which rumbled from his chest and reverberated through her. He thrust forcefully inside her then, deliciously forcing her sex to stretch as he fed her his length inch by inch. She cried, fearful for a moment that his enormity would tear her in two.

I’m going to give you the best orgasm of your life,” he moaned, his eyes locked upon her bouncing breasts.

Reminded once more of her power over him, a sudden fire of arousal and confidence flared in her belly. “Yes, Keegan,” she rasped, “fuck me until I cum. Fuck me hard!” She demanded, clawing at his back and bucking her hips with renewed vigor.

Suddenly he withdrew, but before she could voice her protest, his cock forcefully reentered her with breathtaking momentum, forcing the head of his dick to collide with her womb.

YES!” She screamed. “POUND ME!” With each powerful thrust, she cried out in joy at the feeling of her feminine walls pulsing around his thick cock. Possessed by lust, she pulled him to her mouth and kissed him madly while her aroused clit worshiped his deepening plunge until a now familiar pulsing signaled the arrival of her climax. Trembling, she broke free from his mouth and clawed desperately at his back.

Harder Keegan! I’m about to-”

Her orgasm ripped a scream from her lips and sent violent spasms through her body and to the walls surrounding his thrusting dick. Then, when a groan of his own, he jerked his member out and, shuddering, spilt himself over her belly and breasts.

For the next minute, the two gazed each other in carnal satisfaction as they struggled to catch their breath. Then, falling back to the roof of the car, he drew her into a warm embrace. Already relaxed, Kali felt herself melt further in his arms as the frantic rhythm of his heart began to slow.

I think I may have ruined your dress.” He gasped.

I think you did too.” She laughed in agreement. “But you were absolutely worth it.”


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