A couple years ago I created a couple of characters, Jessica, and Kaliope. Initially both characters where blank slates, literally just there for me to practice drawing when I didn’t feel like doing anything Senkari related. For a while it stayed like that, but being who I am, both girls eventually developed personalities and backstories, and soon I started to find Kaliope just that little bit interesting, and I began to explore her backstory more, and more, and eventually I decided I wanted to either have some sort of story featuring her, or bring her into the comic and see how she’d bounce off of the other characters.

In the end, I kind of settled for both, I wanted a separate story, telling us who Kaliope was, that would allow me to bring her into the Senkari without having to devote an entire chapter to explaining who she was and delving into her backstory. That was…. longer ago than I care to think about. It was not easy finding a writer. But finally I got pointed towards Anna Lynn over on DeviantArt, who has just been *amazing.* I hope you enjoy reading this, R rated, Senkari side story as much as the two of us have had creating it.


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