The Friday afternoon bell rang loudly today as if eager to count down the final weeks of senior year. However, as far as Kali, Vikki, and Jessica were concerned, summer was already here, and with it, the promise of university in the fall. Despite the surrounding excitement, the girls had more important things on their mind than finals or graduation−things like Sophie’s house party tonight.

That lucky bitch,” Vikki shook her head in disbelief. “I wish I had an estranged uncle that would up and die so my parents would get out of town for the weekend.”

Wishing for death sounds a little extreme,” Kali said, dropping her bag by a bench in the courtyard, “but as long as it’s not my uncle kicking the bucket, I’m up for a party. We’re all going, right?” The newest addition to the group, Kali was careful not to overstep her bounds.

Obviously,” Vikki dropped into the seat beside her. “Jessica, I’ll call my parents and tell them I’m sleeping over at your place tonight.”

Oh yeah?” Jessica smirked, running a hand through her short blonde hair. “And where will you actually be sleeping?”

I’ll decide that tonight,” she shrugged. “There’s bound to be at least one gorgeous guy there for me if Kali doesn’t steal him first,” she winked at the brunette. “But listen, I didn’t stash any clothes for this thing, and I’m not going to the party wearing this,” she motioned to her stylish red halter top and tight black skirt. It looked like the perfect party outfit to Kali and Jessica, but when it came to fashion, Vikki knew best. “I need to go shopping before tonight. What time does the party start?”

Nine o’clock,” Jessica said, checking her phone. “So that means things don’t really get started until midnight. You girls have time to shop around.”

And what about you?”

I’ll be at the gym for a while, and then I’ll head home to shower and get ready,” she said, lifting her duffle bag from the ground. As much as Jessica enjoyed shopping with the girls, she compromised her strict exercise routine for no one. “While you’re out be sure to tank up on lots of carbohydrates. You’re going to need them to absorb all that alcohol tonight. You know how you get when you’re drunk, Vikki. I’m not bailing you out of anymore bad decisions.”

Hey,” Vikki raised her hands defensively. “Jayden was not a bad decision. Sure, yes he was a jerk. What can I say? The man’s great in the sack. But if I’m going to stand a chance at scoring with him or anyone tonight, I’ve got to find something better to wear than this. Kali, are you coming with me or not?”

Fixated on her arm, Kali did not immediately respond.

Earth to Kali,” Vikki waved her hand in front of her friend’s face, “are you going shopping with me right now or−gross!” Vikki grimaced. “Why are you letting that thing crawl on you?! Kill it!”

Relax, Vikki,” Kali smiled. “It’s just a caterpillar.” True, its stubby legs and droopy antenna were not much to look at now, but Kali knew firsthand that this was only a phase. This time last year, she too had looked just as frumpy and awkward. Ashamed of her flat chest and lanky limbs, she used to hide her body in formless jackets and baggy jeans. The ensemble was as effective as camouflage. Asides from her small circle of friends, no one else saw her or even knew of her existence. And while this strategy did not get her invited to many parties−well, any parties−she did not have time for those anyway. Not if she wanted to study and get into university. Her life was quiet, but she was happy. At least, she thought she was happy. Her growth spurt last summer proved how wrong she had been.

When Kali stepped into class the first day of senior year, to her surprise, every guy’s eyes were on her. Or rather, on the thin fabric that stretched tightly over her enormous breasts and ass. Honestly, if she were them, she would stare too. The things had practically ballooned overnight. Her initial self-consciousness, however, soon gave way to pleasure as boys began to speak to her, to ask for her name, and take her out on dates. Poplar girls like Vikki and Jessica suddenly wanted to hang out with her. Most had been in her class since the beginning of high school, but acted as though they had never met her. That was fine to Kali. Quickly, she realized this year was the opportunity to reinvent herself into the sexy, confident women that somewhere, deep down, she had always wanted to be.

One day, this little guy’s going to be a beautiful butterfly,” Kali said, gently lifting the insect from her arm and setting him free into the bushes behind her. “Let’s give him the chance to spread his wings.”

Whatever,” Vikki rolled her eyes, “just remember to wash your hands before you touch me, okay? I hear those things will shit all over you. Now let’s get moving! I want to−”

Before Vikki could finish her thought, the girls were interrupted by a series of beeps from a sleek, black Mercedes-Benz convertible which had pulled up to the curb beside them. Kali’s heart skipped a beat, immediately recognizing the car and its driver, Dylan Cox. His stylish dark hair and broad shoulders had been recurring features in her sexual fantasies since the dawn of high school. Unfortunately, until two weeks ago he had been in a long term relationship with Sophie, aka off-the-market. And since Sophie was now an ex, Kali sadly doubted that she would see him at the party tonight.

Yo, ladies! What are you doing, waiting around here? Vikki, you got ‘private detention’ again with Mr. Wolf?”

Ha,” Vikki laughed dryly at his reference to her rumored−and true−fling with their chemistry teacher. “Mr. Wolf wishes. We’re about to blow this joint.”

You too, Kali?”

One year ago, Kali would have fainted just hearing her name spoken from such chiseled lips. But after months of making out with similar pairs, she did not miss a beat. “That’s the plan, unless I receive a better offer,” she purred, shooting him a coy smile.

Anything you want, babe,” Dylan winked in response. “Hop in.”

Go for it, you slut!” Vikki urged quietly, grabbing her hand. “Before I tell him you’re covered in caterpillar crap!”

You just want me out of the way tonight so you can score,” Kali smirked.

Guilty. But you’ve wanted this! Go for it!” Vikki slapped her ass in encouragement.

Mind made up, Kali squeezed her friend’s hand and clicked her heels over to Dylan’s car. “Anything?” she asked, dropping herself in the passenger’s seat. “Offers don’t get any better than that.” Giving her a sultry half smile in response, Dylan shifted his gear from park to drive.

Kali,” Jessica yelled before the two pulled out. “Will we see you at the party tonight?”

Dylan’s brows raised in curiosity, as if to ask her the same. Locking eyes with his, Kali brazenly stroked his thigh and winked. “I wouldn’t count on it.”


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